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The three elements in the value equation

Our methodology is built around a series of services and techniques to generate the optimal transaction for clients, where 'optimal' is driven by increasing the number and suitability of targets to reduce acquisition cost and reliance on auction situations as well as increasing value through synergies and better strategic and cultural fit. All of our techniques tie in with one of the three drivers in the value equation.

In the three charts above, we set out our key steps. By selecting any of the three elements relevant to an acquirer, you can see how the steps in our methodology tie in with that element of value and advantage the acquirer.

Using this approach we have helped clients expand their choice and negotiating advantage to make multiple acquisitions where the optimal target was obtained in each of several different niches, whether geographical or functional specialities.

We build a close relationship in which we are viewed as our client's M&A team or an extension of it. We like to be involved in discussing strategy that influences M&A priorities rather than simply playing an implementation role for a client 'shopping list'. We will often attend the M&A portion of monthly management or board meetings.

After strategy, we are involved with opportunities from bringing them to life through to completion.

To do successful transactions we also need to get to know a client's people and culture well enough to find the right fit on a human level.