What Is the1?

"...M&A for people businesses"


A fresh M&A philosophy...

Some companies content themselves with doing 'a' transaction rather than 'the' transaction, which, for emphasis, we like to call "the 1 transaction". Even if they find a good transaction, it is rarely the optimal one.

If you are seeking a normal M&A firm to deliver a normal M&A deal, you are in the wrong place.

We appreciate that there is by definition only 1 transaction out there that should be identified as captured. Sometimes, an opportunity is the optimal one because it is the perfect company for your purposes. Sometimes, it is more the transaction structure that makes it perfect - what we do with the opportunity to make it optimal. Usually it is a combination. the1 exists to deliver the optimal in both.

For buyers, the 1 transaction can of course actually mean more than one deal - if the buyer has several defined niches in which it wishes to invest. But, again, we believe that, in each of these, there is only one optimal transaction for the particular acquirer.

For an owner considering an exit, there is indeed by definition only one optimal transaction. But there is also the optimal timing to achieve that. the1 advises on when to strike and to then obtain the optimal transaction. Sometimes the optimal is the perfect balance between financial and personal considerations.

This web site tries to show that these words are not simply marketing statements, but with an integrated strategy and methodology to deliver on the optimal. We take you inside the world of the1 to show you how we work. And, most importantly, we try to show you that we not only have a systematic methodology but that each step of our methodology is directly related to giving us a greater probability of finding the 1 transaction for you.