We work with owners who, whilst not looking to sell their companies immediately, would like to increase the value of those companies over the next 6 to 36 months to put them in the best possible position prior to a future sale or investment.

We have a robust process built around 27 services and techniques, each of which we tie back to the main drivers of value, namely:

  • Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT): current EBIT, expected EBIT and synergistic EBIT (EBIT adjusted for expected synergies between buyer and seller)
  • The valuation multiple of profits achieved for the business
  • Risk factors
  • Soft issues


Our objective is to help you to increase the value of your business in the eyes of a prospective purchaser or investor and, therefore, to increase the the consideration over and above that which would otherwise have been achieved on sale or when seeking investment.

Through providing these services, we can help to increase the value of a business prior to sale or seeking investment in most cases, whether that business is small, medium or large in size, and irrespective of the current levels of profitability. The value that we add is incremental to the value that you as the owner have created.

In our experience it is never too early to start this process (arguably, the earlier you do so, the better) - we also offer additional services to help smaller firms.

For further information or to discuss further, please contact Mark Dixon via mdixon@the1.com or +44 207 556 1090