the1 Advisers' Latest Study

Mainland China Taking Off Hong Kong Flat City Focus

the1's most recent research study focuses on the recent surge of investments in China's HR capital sector.

The study contains a series of reports based on a thorough examination of 156 different investments of all types (rep offices, joint ventures and acquisitions) made by 106 recruitment or HR groups around the world. Approx 40 charts look at the trends and the individual transactions by each group.

The reports show:

  • where the HR investments are located in terms of HQ offices and branch networks
  • how this ties in - or doesn't - with the populations centres (the HR opportunity)
  • how the investors have chosen between HK, Shanghai and other cities over time and by re-locating
  • what entry strategy or type of deal stuctures they used and how investors have changed the structures of specific investments as regulation has relaxed
  • which countries and companies are the most active investors
  • what types of recruitment and HR services are involved in terms of salary level, functional specialization, and business model (temp, perm, consulting, outsourcing)
  • how investors have expanded once "inside" China
  • what each investor has actually established

Clients of the1 are able to obtain copies of the reports. Members of the media can obtain press releases as each report is released.